Lover, Beloved: Songs From An Evening With Carson McCullers, OUT NOW!

Here are a few reviews…

“An unexpected masterpiece 4 Stars” -R2 Magazine

“One wryly perceptive American writer inhabiting the mindspace of another. Hot-jazz putdown tracks, as well as heartbroken ballads.” – NY Times

“A journey through literary luminary’s life and work…packed with more literary references than seems feasible.” – Rolling Stone

“A resounding success.  The music here is a testament to the power of the art from both women. For her part, more than 30 years after her first album’s release, Suzanne Vega continues to offer up surprises.” ABC News

“The 10 songs can be qualified as an authentic return to grace… you don’t even need to understand the literary background to enjoy the music… which proves how elegant this is ” – Telerama

“Ambitious, but persuasive piece of work! 4 stars” – Written In Music (NL)

“The album has the kind of of-the-times atmosphere and smart lyricism that makes for compelling listening and Vega captures McCullers’ wit, poetic sensibility and bitchiness brilliantly.” – Scotland Herald

“In her own way, Suzanne Vega is an amazing storyteller… you need to dive in the charm of these songs.”- Les échos

“4 Stars” -Lust For Life (NL) 

Vanity Fair France


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